Love story

Love story

Story of real man:

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There was an one old man his age is about 56 years old and he was a great name and fame in the town where he was living. And he is a great business man,all the people's in the town were not like him because of his rude behaviour and he was a selfish also.

His name was and he had a daughter and son,his daughter name is Ms.Rosie and his son Mr.Rohit.
Ms.Rosie was very beautiful and charming girl she is very smart and intelligent. One day she was gone for horse ride and there was some dangerous place she was in.
And the horse was not listening her command and the horse was going faster ,she was very feared and there will be no hope for protect her life. On that situation on that spot one man was already visited and he was a stranger. He see ahead there was a horse roaring and running fast it was not single the rider also in the horse,he observe and he protect her life from horse otherwise the horse was fall in to the river.

He was take down the girl in his shelter where he was built.After some time she was wake and she was surprised and crying why because iam alive she thinking.she look ahead there was a man stand  and she is asking how i was alive ,he says because of me. She was looking him cheaply he was in dirty shirt and he works in clay so there was a bad impression for him. He was looking her and he thinks about where she was came she is so beautiful he was thinking. She was asked his name he tell Mr.Adam she was very interested on him and she was went to home.

Her father was unhappy for that happening her.And her father was asked her how will you saved herself she said there was a stranger and he give the life to me.He was invited to Mr.Adam to dinner.Her daughter was fall in love with him but she didn't tell him and he was also fall in love on that day where he saved her life,he also not told to her.

One day she told to his father about her love and he was very serious and he never show her feelings on her.Adam also go for propose his love and she was in hotel he go to hotel  and propose her love she was accepted and both are happy. Her father did not accept love and he shoot to Adam. He was hospitalized he was in rest for one month her father was not send to see him.

Her father was change his home to another town and he fix marriage to her. Adam was searching to her in so many places and he ask peoples where she is nobody can tell. After one year she was came to his home he was surprised and hug tightly and she was also crying with him. She says to him i was married my father was did this i never live without you and they were married in temple.Her brother also supports her love and he did the marriage to his sister. Her father was very angry with his daughter and he came to Adam's house and kill her daughter..On that situation Adam was don't know what to do he was killed her father.
Adam was feel sad and he never live without her and he was crying all day and night but he was satisfied only one thing the killer of her wife was killed by me..and he jailed 3years .And he was still unmarried with another girl.

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